Andy Sunglasses

Adding a fresh twist to the Wayfarer family, Ray-Ban Andy joins the Highstreet Collection.

Inspired by the iconic style, Andy RB4202 brings fresh frame colours, stunning mirrored lenses and a unique rubberized frame finish to your look.

With various frame colour options, these cutting-edge sunglasses will not only bring excitement to your life but will also add some edge to your style.

Prepare to be the next fashion statement amongst your peers with the iconic Ray-Ban Andy, becoming unforgettable with these bold and fun frame colours.

Great for any occasion and a great addition to any outfit. It is a must-have iconic accessory to make a statement wherever you go.

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  • ray-ban-andy-sunglasses-0RB4202__606971_030A

    Ray-Ban Andy Sunglasses RB4202 606971 55


    R659.67x 3 

  • ray-ban-andy-sunglasses-0RB4202__607313_030A

    Ray-Ban Andy Sunglasses RB4202 607313 55


    R726.33x 3 

  • ray-ban-andy-sunglasses-0RB4202__601_8G_030A

    Ray-Ban Andy Sunglasses RB4202 601/8G 55


    R726.33x 3