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Chris Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Chris sunglasses are a stylish new addition to the Highstreet collection.

These unisex sunglasses are designed with unique style cues taken from the Erika style but spun into a slightly more masculine shape with square lenses and a less circular frame.

The simple and effortless coolness of the Wayfarer shape makes it such an obvious candidate for redesign and reimagining that it is no surprise that styles like Chris emerge.

With square frames and a cool range of frame and lens colours to choose from, Chris sunglasses have a young and bold look paired with a lightweight and comfortable frame.

The rubber finish on the tips and the frames adds a nice textural point of difference and is more resistant to scratches and marks than traditional materials.

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    Ray-Ban Chris Sunglasses RB4187 622/8G 54

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    Ray-Ban Chris Sunglasses RB4187 856/13 54

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    Ray-Ban Chris Sunglasses RB4187 710/71 54

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  • Ray-Ban Chris Sunglasses RB4187 6315E8 54

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