RB2180 Sunglasses

Turn onlookers into admirers in another Ray-Ban updated classic RB2180.

Modern design has gone full circle as Ray-Ban takes the classic round shape on another revolution.

Along with distinctive rivets and Ray-Ban shaped temples, these styles feature a sleek flattened bridge and stylish tinted lenses in appealing gradient options.

With cool colours on offer, including modern tones and versatile classics, you can choose the model that suits your own personal style revolution.

They feature a minimalist design that makes them suitable for most occasions and outfits. They are also hypoallergenic and complement many face shapes.

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  • ray-ban-rb2180-sunglasses-0RB2180__710_83_030A

    Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB2180 710/83 49 Polarized



    R823x 3 

  • ray-ban-sunglasses-0RB2180__601_71_030A

    Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB2180 601/71 49


    R713x 3 

  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB2180 710/73 49


    R713x 3