This Ray-Ban model is an all-rounder, equally suiting men and women. The RB4259 is brand new on the market in 2021, with this eyewear, you are at the cutting-edge of trends.

It is not just about their resilience, but also about the visibility of material and design, which are of the highest quality.

The panto frame is characterized by round lenses that are slightly flattened at the top. This not only looks good, but it also enables a particularly large field of view. As a perfect match for every face shape, the look is incredibly popular.

Plastic frames like these combine durability and are comfortable to wear. The Ray-Ban RB4259 is a very snug fit on the ears and nose.

This brand of sunglasses, of course, also provides your eyes with optimum UV400 protection.

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  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB4259 710/73 51



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  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB4259 601/71 51


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