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The sunglasses of celebrities, Carrera have been known for boundary-pushing design since their grand entrance into the eyewear industry back in 1956.

With headquarters in Italy and having been featured in Scarface and the F1 movie, Rush, it’s clear that these guys are serious about the “cool factor”.

Purchasing a pair of Carrera sunglasses not only sets you apart from your fellow man due to the striking design so many of the Carrera sunglasses possess, but it also makes you part of the “cool club” that Carrera has curated for decades.

The main offering by Carrera is that of bold designs that push the envelope of design trends.

They go so far as to brand some of their sunglasses as future classics.

These guys have been in the game so long that they probably know what they’re talking about.

Don’t be fooled by their apparent focus on design aesthetics above all else.

Many of their lenses are polarized providing great visual acuity and contrast, they have a range of sunglasses that focuses primarily on function over form, and they use materials that are known to be extra-flexible.

Carrera sunglasses may just be the pair of sunglasses you never knew you needed until now.

In this article, we’re going to go through several of our favourite Carrera “Product Stories” as they’re called, highlighting the best features on offer and why you should consider purchasing a pair.

Carrera Sunglasses

There are a vast number of different styles offered by Carrera. They offer a whopping nine different “product stories”, as Carrera calls them. Let’s dive into three of our favourites to find the collection that fits your style.

The Bold Collection

Urbanites looking to solidify their place as fearless style pioneers will find their boldness perfectly expressed with a pair of Bold Collection sunglasses.

The frames are expressive and modern, created with ultra-light materials for maximum comfort and unique looks.

This collection offers three variations:

Carrera Sunglasses 1030/S

These sunglasses have a rectangular shape touted as perfect for those with a “bold spirit”.

By using a full-rim, Carrera reconciles sporty and urban vibes. This model has quite large dimensions and features the logo on the front of the lens.

The lens itself also comes in a variety of colours. The only difficult thing here would be making a single choice as they all look fantastic!

Oh, and the lenses are polarized meaning you’re getting brilliant visual acuity.

Carrera Sunglasses 1029/S

Sporting signature branding and an elongated mask silhouette, these unisex sunglasses have a distinct 90’s vibe to them.

Structurally, you’ll find a minimalist full-rim design and strongly tapered sculptural arms which are wider at the temples and tapered towards the tips.

These sunglasses are touted as dual-purpose: perfect for the ski slopes or city streets. This is largely due to the colour-branded detachable strap and UV-protective polycarbonate lenses.

Carrera Sunglasses 1031/S

This pair of sunglasses is as distinct as it gets with an oversize mask and a square rimless silhouette.

Sporting a pair of these will truly elevate your style game to a whole new level with it’s modern yet understated structure.

The sleek metal arms are reinforced with side spoilers that round out that retro 70s feel.

These sunglasses are put together with precious finishing touches in a modern way, seen in the delicate cross screws that secure the lenses.

The Carrera 1031/S is available in an impressive range of shades and finishes with a favourite being the black/yellow frames with mirrored gold lenses.

Let it be said again, these will elevate your style game to levels never before seen so purchase responsibly!

The Ultem Grip

Designed for those who “do not stop for any obstacle”, the sunglasses in this range are built to be ultra-flexible.

In other words, you can go about your active lifestyle without worrying about the lifespan or durability of this thoughtfully-crafted range.

Overall, the style of this range is more active and sporty without forgoing an aesthetically pleasing design.

The result for each pair of sunglasses in the range is a perfect combination of design and durability.

Two variations are available.

Carrera Sunglasses 4013/S

Part of Carrera’s Active range, this pair of sunglasses is designed to support a fast-paced, active lifestyle.

The lens is a rectangular shape while the frame is crafted from Ultem – an ultra-flexible plastic material.

The utility of these sunglasses is enhanced by a dynamic wrap-around style with rubber-inlaid injected temples and end tips for added grips.

Overall, the design is distinct yet discreet enough to enhance your everyday looks.

Carrera Sunglasses 4014/GS

Similar to the Carrera 4013/S, this pair of sunglasses aims to offer perfect solutions for the modern man. It’s constructed out of the ultra-flexible Ultem material with rubber temples.

A slight difference that may be a deciding factor for you is the nose pads.

This model of the Ultem Grip range has silicone nose pads for a more custom fit whereas the Carrera 4013/S only have integrated nose rests that are an extension of the frame. Take this into account before trying to decide between the two.

The design is more minimalist with an all-black option available for the person who wants to accentuate their style while remaining functional.

The “C” Note

The “C” Note collection enhances the most iconic Carrera shapes due to its intriguing design and unique comfort.

This collection gets its name from the “C” logo that sits right between the eyes on the bridge of the nose.

Carrera backs it up by saying, “Because a note is sometimes enough to set the tone for your style.”

The design choices made for the “C” Note collection are unique and undoubtedly Carrera. They’ve even gone so far as to include leather in the build of their sunglasses.

Let’s take a look at three of the available options.

Carrera 1018/S

Carrera’s rationale for pursuing the design choices of the Carrera 1018/S is that they’re searching for future classics.

What they’ve done is applied their C-logo over a luxurious leather detail on the frame’s nose bridge.

Thankfully, they’ve kept the rest of the aviator design simple with gradient lenses and curved acetate tips for a balanced, subtly luxurious look.

If subtlety isn’t your thing, then you can opt for the version that comes adorned with a red leather detail for that extra flamboyance.

Carrera 1019/S

The origins and future of Carrera unite in these sunglasses.

They feature a strong design, a gritty interpretation of the C-logo, and a touch of sophistication with its polarized lenses.

They certainly are punchier than the 1018s with thick frame rims.

What you’re getting with these is an explosion of style to make you stand out on every occasion that you’re bold enough to wear them.

Carrera generally doesn’t make sunglasses for the faint of heart with the 1019s being another example of that

Carrera 1020/S

Probably the boldest of the “C” Note range, this aviator-like design sports teardrop frames with double bridges.

The design culminates in a contemporary twist to the aviator shape and, in all honesty one does need to look hard to find the aviator origins in this design.

That being said, Carrera is about redefining cool and these sunglasses manage to do so. They’re touted as “only for rebellious souls.”


Ultimately, the sunglasses produced by Carrera are fashion statements.

It’s as plain (or, more fittingly, luxurious) as that. However, writing them off as pure accessories would be missing the point found in their high build quality and careful design process behind their bold offerings.

Whether you’re already a fashion trendsetter amongst your peers or looking to make a personal entrance into the glamourous world of sunglass fashion, there is a pair of Carrera sunglasses for you.

For seasoned fashion veterans and newbies alike, you can’t go wrong with the hard-hitting, statement-making Carrera 1019/S of the “C” Note range.

This range is slightly more toned down than the Bold Collection so, if the “C” Note is not bold enough for you, you’ll find fashionable joy in checking out the Bold Collection.

If you’re all about functionality but want to look fashionable while you go about your business then a great option would be the durable, minimalistic Carrera 4014/GS of the Ultem Grip product range.

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