JBay Open 2023

JBay Open Winter Surfing Sunglasses Sale
JBay Open Winter Surfing Sunglasses Sale

Crowd Favorites, Yellow Jersey,  Wild Cards,  and a chance to Win a pair of Oakley Sunglasses.

The Corona J Bay Open July 2023 is one of the most anticipated events on the professional surfing circuit, the Corona J Bay Open attracts the world’s best surfers to the iconic Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top contenders and fan favorites who have the potential to emerge victorious in this thrilling competition. Let’s dive in and explore the surfers to watch out for at the Corona J Bay Open!

Its always a battle to the end, here at Supers, making it such an exciting event to watch.

Corona Open J-bay crowd favorites

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Yellow Jersey: Filipe Toledo

Filipe Toledo gets his hands on the yellow jersey for this year’s Corona J Bay Open. It was quite the challenge to get to this point, but with some hard surfing he gets to paddle out to Supper Tubes wearing it.

He won his 1st ever CT win in Hawaii at the Hurley Pro sunset Beach, and also securing the win at Surf City El Salvador Pro.

Will he work his way through the Heats this year and clinch the title in the Corona Open J Bay?

We will have to watch to find out.

Wild Cards: Sarah Baum and Adin Masencamp

Sarah Baum, who grew up in the south coast of Durban. She started scratching for waves from the young age of 8, and have competed in many competitions, growing, and advancing as the years went on.

Keep a look out for her as she hits the water this year in heat 2, against Carissa Moore, and Lakey Peterson.

Adin Masencamp, I remember seeing him as a kid, shredding it up in Strand. Surfing with such power from a young age. His surfing career looks bright as he continues to push his surfing to the next level.

With multiple wins and a Hawaii invitation to Pipeline, he is ever so close to the qualifying for the championship tour. He finished off the year ranking 38th in the Qualifying Series.

Adin kicks off the Corona Open J Bay, in Heat 4, Against yellow jersey, Filipe Toledo, and Kanoa Igarashi.

Corona Open J-Bay 2022 Quick Recap:


Heat 1: J. Robinson VS S. Pupo

Robinson advanced, with 12.83 against Pupo’s 7.83

Watch QF Heat 1

Heat 2: I. Ferreira VS K. Igarashi

Igarashi advancing with a very close call of only 0.43 between the surfers.

Igarashi’s 15.43 against Ferreira’s 15.00  

Watch QF Heat 2

Heat 3: Y. Dora VS C O’Leary

Brazil taking this one against Australia with a 15.00 vs 10.83.

Watch QF Heat 3

QF Heat 4: E. Ewing VS J. Smith

Ewing advanced, knocking out Jordy Smith, with a 11.50, 7.03 consecutively.

Watch QF Heat 4

Make Waves


Only 4 surfers remained, with some very close battles to have an all-Australian representative final.

Watch SF Heat 1

Watch SF Heat 2

Corona Open J Bay Final 2022

The final was a highly anticipated clash between E.Ewing and J. Robinson.

An all-Australian final, I am sure all the Auzzies had their shrimps on their barbies for this one.

With yet another extremely close final, Robinson kicked it off and was comfortably in the lead for some time, setting the tone for the final. Ewing saw the challenge and worked his waves hard, biting at Robinsons heels.

Then his wave arrived, and Ewing scored a 9.13, 18mins into the final. Robinson didn’t back down, and needed a 7.98 to reclaim the lead and he responded 7 mins after Ewing’s 9 pointer, but only to fall short with 0.51 points and finished with 16.30 against Ewing’s 16.80.


Watch Corona Open J Bay 2022 Final

Corona Open J-Bay 2023

The Corona J Bay Open is set to showcase the world’s best surfers as they battle it out on the iconic waves of Jeffreys Bay. While these are just a few of the favorites to win, the nature of surfing competitions means that any surfer can rise to the occasion and claim victory. With their unique styles, skills, and competitive spirits, John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Filipe Toledo, and Jordy Smith are surfers you won’t want to miss during the Corona J Bay Open. So grab your sunscreen, tune in, and get ready for an incredible display of high-performance surfing!

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