Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses South Africa

The Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are cool.

As in, retro, epic musician cool.

This is the look that legendary guitar-masters from the 1960’s made famous during the counter-culture movement.

In fact, some people know this pair of sunglasses simply as ‘Lennon’ glasses after the era-defining John Lennon who seemed to be wearing them anytime he made a reference to world peace (re: constantly).

While you’re probably not looking to dissuade anyone from pursuing their continued partaking of, and belonging to, our modern-day culture, you best believe that you’ll be looking your statement-making, retro-best with a pair of these on your face.

The Ray-Ban unisex metal, iconic sunglasses are known for their defined, round, crystal lenses and distinct shape.

A curved brow bar, adjustable nose pads, and thin metal temples define this era-defining, time-defying sunglasses look.

Whether you own ten different pairs of sunglasses or looking to buy your first, you would be making a very cool move by getting yourself a pair of the timeless Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses.

Let’s get into why.


These sunglasses are certainly not going to replace your sports sunglasses in terms of the protection they offer from flying debris and UV exposure.

That being said, I seriously doubt you are thinking about sporting (pardon the pun) your full-coverage, face-wrapping cycling glasses at your next date, casual wine-farm stroll, or music festival.

And, if you are entertaining such thoughts, stop and just buy a pair of these before you do your ‘Cool Factor’ any harm.

That being said, it is only fair to say that the Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are available with polarized lenses meaning that it could, at least in theory, be possible to have these on your face during a casual, retro-themed golf tee-off on a sunny morning without having glare destroy your vision.

If you’re uber-cool, you could even try these next time you go fishing, although I wouldn’t make any sudden head movements as these are bound to end up downstream.

In terms of visual coverage, the round nature of the lenses means that they will be in your line of sight while you wear them which if, nothing else, can be a constant reminder of how cool you look.

So, while these sunglasses allow in all the UV light on the side of the face due to their front-facing, only semi-curved lenses, they do offer great UV protection when the light is hitting them front-on.

In other words, these will serve you well on a sunny day out watching cricket or your favourite local band.

If you’re after better visual coverage and UV protection, then you’re better off looking at something like the Ray-Ban Wings.


Sporting thin, metal, lightweight frames to complement their quite minimalist look, the Ray-Ban Round Metal’s are quite comfortable to wear.

So much so that wearers of these sunglasses have often forget of their presence while getting lost in their own sense of oneness with the universe.

It’s fair to say that Mr. Lennon would probably be quite proud if he saw you wearing them as they are quite non-distracting, weight-wise, allowing you to focus on your good-looking date at that sunny music festival.

Style and Aesthetics

The Ray-ban Round Metal sunglasses have been inspired by musicians in the 1960’s so one might be inclined to think that they’re a little ‘too retro’.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

They are understated yet retain their iconic look. As such they are universally flattering and will spruce up anything you’re wearing.

These sunglasses are like a secret weapon to whip out whenever you think your current outfit is lacking a little something.

Added to a well put together outfit, these sunglasses simply take your look to the next level.

For the dessert lovers amongst us, they’re like a retro-looking, cool-oozing cherry on top of the fashionable cake that is your already cool style.

Other than the typical Ray-Ban logo visible on the lens, branding is kept to a minimum which one can definitely appreciate.

While there are not a plethora of different styles to choose from (how would the iconic look stay iconic if there were many permutations of it, right?), you do have the choice of lens and frame colour.

The more conventional frame and colour pairing would be the rose-gold frame with the classic dark lenses.

For those looking for a more modern twist on the retro-look, you would find the black frame with the dark-grey gradient lenses to be most suitable.

Of course, any counter-culture-era defining piece of fashion would not be complete without an option for the ‘hippy’-look which is exactly what is on offer by the pairing of pink/brown gradient lenses with bronze-copper frames.

If you’re looking to really hone in on your inner-hippy, you also have the option for the smaller 47mm lens.

Generally, however, the 50mm lens is more widely available and strikes the perfect balance between “I believe in peace and looking good” and “I want my sunglasses to actually be functional”.

The frame is all-metal and oozes subtle luxury with a ribbed texture which is particularly noticeable in the bridge.

The bridge of the Round Metal’s is 21mm wide and comes in a distinctive, ridged form-factor.

On the back, you will find the Ray-Ban logo as well as the lens and bridge sizes.

While we have touched on the lens options already, it’s worth mentioning that the Ray-ban Round Metal sunglasses are available with polarized lenses.

If polarized or the various lens gradients are not your thing, then you may find the mirror lens to be the perfect fit for you.


  1. Timeless retro-look
  2. Light and comfortable
  3. Sturdy, luxurious metal frame and bridge
  4. Lens variations offer personalized options
  5. Suitable for most occasions


  1. Only front-on UV protection


There are many ways to judge the quality of a product but one that goes a long way in assuring us as clients is longevity.

Well, Ray-ban has been producing functional, quality, and cool sunglasses for over 80 years.

That longevity translates into a product like the Ray-Ban Round Metals which are an absolute must-buy.

They are able to complement almost anything you wear and they are perfect for a sunny day at the beach, a cozy afternoon picnic with your date, or simply as your go-to sunglasses when you’re looking for some UV protection on your day out.

In terms of UV protection, you are able to select a lens that suits you whether that be the classic lenses, mirrored lenses, or glare-blocking polarized lenses.

The quality of the lenses is matched by that of the frames and bridge such that you can rest easy knowing you have a pair of sunglasses that will last you a long time while retaining their luxury-feel.

Ultimately, buying the Ray-Ban Round Metals means you are trusting a well-established brand with a reputation for producing top-notch, functional eyewear that stays in touch with modern trends while being rooted in their iconic look.

Good choice.

Where to Buy the Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses in South Africa?

Although Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are available in several brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, there is a special kind of convenience that comes with purchasing a product online.

The good news is that Ray-Ban has online-based authorized resellers that sell authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Oculux is an authorized reseller of Rayban, Oakley, Arnette, and Vogue Eyewear online and has made over 11,000 customers happy over the years.

Check out the Ray-Ban Round Metal’s and other Ray-Ban sunglasses today!

How Do I Know My Ray-Bans are Real?

Naturally, in our often shifty world of counterfeit products, it’s important to know that you are paying for genuine quality.

How then can you be guaranteed that the Ray-Bans you are buying are real?

Well, there are several factors you can ensure exist when checking whether you have a genuine pair of Ray-Bans:

1. Check the contents of the box, they must contain several important components like a booklet known as ‘The Icons’, a branded cleaning cloth, and a manufacturer’s note.

Other items that must be in the box, or found on the box, are a model name, barcodes, serial numbers and a lens description.

2. Check the leather-quality of the case. If the gold logo on the case can be easily scratched, then you may have yourself a fake.

3. Check the nose pads of your Ray-Bans. Genuine Ray-Bans come with transparent nose pads with a logo engraved on the centre.

4.Check the lenses. Note whether the lenses are made from glass. Most of the time, fake sunglasses don’t use glass lenses.

However, some genuine lens producers do use other materials so this is not a perfectly clear sign that your glasses are fake but more of a sign that you should check other indicators.

What exactly to look for can be found in this article on buying Ray-Bans in South Africa.