Top 10 Polarized Oakley Sunglasses in South Africa

Aside from upgrading your look, sunglasses are far more important than aesthetics.

Sunglasses are primarily for protection against harsh light like glare and sunlight.

These specially designed glasses or shades also protect your eyes from harsh elements that can easily damage your unprotected eyes.

Suppose you are a person who actively spends time outdoors, whether, for sports or a leisurely walk, sunglasses can be very beneficial.

Sunglasses protect the eyes, but polarized sunglasses take protection above several notch

Why Polarized?

Sunglasses protect the eyes by dimming and limiting the light that enters the eye, but these regular tinted lenses cannot do anything against glare.

Glare reduces visibility, especially on roads and other high-glare situations like out in the open sea.

During the warm weather season in South Africa, the bright sun and clear sky intensify glare, making it crucial to wear reliable eye protection.

Enter the polarized lenses, which is a space-age innovation by NASA.

Polarized lenses are strategically developed to eliminate glare that’s reflected off of horizontal surfaces.

The wearer retains that razor-sharp vision even in high glare situations.

Polarized lenses further reduce the damaging effects of harsh light that enters your eyes.

Since glare is naturally filtered out for you, you won’t have to squint and strain your eyes which can overtime cause discomfort and headache.

High-quality polarized lenses also enhance contrast which helps in improving the response time of athletes including cyclists, runners, and hikers in different terrains.

Why Polarized Oakley Sunglasses

The way polarized Oakley sunglasses have taken eye protection above several notches has revolutionized glare protection in sports.

Polarized eyewear is typical nowadays, but Oakley has raised the bar by introducing the Prizm lens technology in 2014, which is unheard of at that time.

Prizm takes anti-glare technology to the next level by ensuring that each situation has a corresponding lens that matches it.

Be it snow, sea, or desert, there is a Prizm lens that can tackle the unique light waves that each scenario produces.

These are just one of the reasons why polarized Oakley sunglasses in South Africa belong right at home, providing eye protection and excellent visibility all year long.

At the core of Oakley’s Prizm technology is fifteen years of study and research on varying light scenarios that enabled them to come up with lenses that cater to each.

By customizing the kind of Prizm lens to a specific scene or activity, Oakley lenses can block 99% of glare.

The layers of lenses in their Prizm polarized glasses are also made all at the same time to ensure that the axis of polarization aligns perfectly.

Along with removing glare, it also improves depth perception as well as contrast.

Superior optics are not the only things you will get from a pair of Oakleys. Along with it, you also get the highest impact resistance rating for any lens.

The frame is Oakley’s lightweight but super durable O Matter frames, and the accessible Unobtainium grip technology that offers more grip as your face sweats.

We have listed down below 10 of the best polarized Oakley sunglasses in South Africa.

Remember to purchase them only from an authorized reseller to avoid counterfeits and to take full advantage of warranties.

Top 10 Polarized Oakley Sunglasses in South Africa


The Oakley Radar EV is an upgrade from the original Radar with the EV standing for ‘Expanded View’ which makes it ideal for cyclists.

The placement of the lenses makes for more unobstructed visibility even when in a heads down cycling position.

At 28 grams, it has a lightweight yet durable construction and has improved ventilation with its ports and channeling.

The Radar EV comes with the new Prizm lenses that provide road and trail lenses. The frames have different sizing, and the lenses also contribute to the snug and comfortable fit of the Radar.


Weighing in at just 25 grams, the Oakley Holbrooks can fit a variety of lenses for a wide range of applications.

The frames are very light, with just the right amount of flex.

The frame has a slight curve that hugs the face while their large rectangular lenses give comprehensive coverage and protection against the sun.

The inward angled arms help maintain a snug fit for the frames. The Holbrooks give little leeway with the hinges, so they might not be the best fit for broader face profiles.


How does a single trigger for releasing lenses sound to you?

The Oakley Flak Draft Polarized has that and more since you can choose between eight different glasses.

This multi-sport sunglasses feature Unobtainium grips and an O Matter frame and are a favorite among cycling and fitness enthusiasts.

Its lenses sit higher for better visibility when cycling. The pair comes with stock Plutonite Prizm lenses and fits most face profiles perfectly.


This pair is a futuristic-looking addition to Oakley’s cycling-oriented models.

The Flight Jacket lost the upper frame and transferred it to the bottom part for more unrestricted visibility while in the low-down mode.

The O Matter frame gives the same snug and secure fit on almost all facial profiles.

These special glasses also feature a kind of defogging switch.

When activated, this innovative feature elevates the frame farther away from your face to increase air circulation.


The Oakley Turbine is an all-around polarized pair of sunnies with a wraparound O Matter frame that offers additional protection from the elements on the sides. Unobtainium pad provides grip even in wet conditions.

The Oakley Turbine is made in the USA, with a variety of lenses to suit your needs. Prizm lenses are also available as options for the lenses.

The patented three-point fit Oakley holds allows these glasses to be comfortable for both sports and everyday wear.

The frame arms inner strip is lined with Unobtainium for additional grip when in wet conditions.


This is the almost classic Fuel Cell with updated Prizm lenses. This pair also features the same ergonomic three-point Oakley Fit system that gently hugs the head for a snug fit.

The lightweight O Matter frame only makes contact with the bridge of your nose and gently grips your temple. They fit most facial profiles with a lens width of 60mm.


Definitely for the large and extra-large fitting facial profile out there, the Turbine Rotor wraps around the head rather comfortably.

With Unobtainium grips on the nose pads as well as ear socks.

The O Matter frame cocoons the robust shield design of the lenses, which differentiates this Oakley from the popular Turbine design.

One other thing that makes this stand out is that the icons pop out and are replaceable. Of course, you need to order them separately, but it is indeed a nice touch for personalization.


The Gascan is one of Oakley’s mainstays and best sellers for many years. Built for people with active lifestyles, the Gascan also feels right at home for everyday use.

The three-point fit design philosophy on all Oakley sunglasses becomes evident as soon as they slip on to your face. The O Matter frame gives the Gascan strength as well as flexibility.

The glasses are a fit for those with facial profiles on the larger side but are still contoured and small enough to fit under a helmet.


The Oakley Trillbe X is known for its classic lines and casual-looking frames, which are maybe the biggest reasons that it’s currently among Oakleys best-selling everyday glasses.

The O Matter frame is durable and lightweight that is amazing for prolonged use.

The frame structure is suited for small to medium faces and is quite comfortable with Oakleys’ three-point fit system that balances the weight on the bridge of the nose and the temples.

Prizm polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection and razor-sharp vision.


Oakley made a slight but welcome change in its O Matter frame by forming an aluminum combination on the lower orbitals of the shells holding the lenses.

As soon as you fit them in, the comfort of the three-point system kicks in, and you wouldn’t even feel that they are there.

The squarish metal icons pop out, proclaiming their Oakley pedigree. These are built for medium-sized faces and are incredibly lightweight. Flexibility is just right, and the optics are just superb.

Oakley’s sunglasses are built to last, and they have for decades. They never stop innovating, and the benefits always come down to those who buy their products.

When it comes to polarization technology, Oakley’s Polarized Prizm is unmatched in sports or everyday use.

Whether you’re a cyclist, hiker, runner, or water sports enthusiast, you’ll find a pair of polarized Oakley sunglasses for your specific needs.