Why Sunglasses are So Much More than a Fashion Accessory

Sunglasses are wonderful fashion statements. From celebrities on the red carpet to hungover party-goers trying to look unscathed, many people live for them.

There are few things that can elevate looks as easily as the perfect sunglasses. It is understandable, therefore, that many people see them first as fashion accessories.

While they make us look great, sunglasses are a lot more than facial adornments.

They may be used to compliment looks, but they are protective too. For most people, sunglasses are used for their protective benefits.

They are primarily designed to protect the eyes from direct sunlight.

Those that are designed to offer 100% UV protection will keep harmful ultraviolet rays from getting into the eyes.

Some also have extra features that provide different kinds of benefits to wearers.

Many people already understand that sunglasses protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

What is not generally known is the extent of protection they offer. Let’s discuss the benefits of sunglasses and why they are much more than a fashion accessory:

1. They Can Enhance Vision in Uncomfortable Environment

There are different kinds of environments that make it pretty difficult for us to see clearly.

When the sun is too bright and there are plenty of reflections, vision can be meaningfully impaired.

Wearing sunglasses in such instances can improve vision tremendously. Activities like driving or skiing can be dangerous when vision is impaired. Wearing sunglasses can make the situation better.

2. They Protect the Eyes from Extremely Bright Reflections

An extremely bright reflection of the sun rays can be very dangerous. During hot sunny days, the sun rays can reflect off several objects.

Even in the winter, there can be extremely bright reflections off snow and ice.

These reflections can often cause glare, which impairs vision seriously.

The right kind of sunglasses can always protect the eyes from such extremely bright reflections.

3.They Protect the Eyes from Harmful Ultraviolet Radiation

Most sunglasses are primarily designed to offer protection against ultraviolet rays. UV exposure can damage your eyes in different ways.

It can lead to cataract and other kinds of eye damages, including macular degeneration, pterygia, solar keratopathy, and more.

Sunglasses that offer 100% protection against both UVA and UVB are highly recommended for individuals who spend time in the outdoor environment during sunny days and even ordinary days.

4. They Provide Blue-Light Protection

Blue eye protection is among the many benefits of sunglasses that are hardly discussed.

It is because people do not generally consider long-term exposure to blue-light as dangerous.

The truth, however, is that individuals who are constantly exposed to blue and violet portion of the solar spectrum are at higher risk of macular degeneration.

This condition can lead to blindness. Sunglasses will protect you from the risk of getting vision problems.

5. Some Are Necessary For Certain Sports

If you are always engaged in outdoor sporting activities, you will need to protect your eyes from solar radiation.

Cyclers and triathlon athletes use sunglasses to protect themselves. There are special sunglasses known as polarized sunglasses that are necessary for water sports.

These sunglasses do not only protect the eyes from glares but will enhance the performance of the athlete as a result.

6. Can Improve Driving Vision at Night

Some sunglasses are designed to improve night vision for drivers. Most car windshields do not offer any form of protection for drivers.

Extremely bright lights from the headlights of other drivers can always impair vision and make driving dangerous.

With the right kind of sunglasses, drivers can have improved vision at night and drive with improved safety.

7. They Prevent Eye Strain and Improve Visual Comfor

Different conditions cause eye strain. When the sun is too bright, we will generally have to strain the eyes to see objects at certain distances.

It is always discomforting and can also hurt the eyes in the long run. With the right sunglasses, we can see better without straining the eyes unnecessarily. Improved visual comfort will improve your mood.

8. They Can Help Prevent Wrinkles by Reducing the Need for Squinting

Squinting to see clearly during sunny days contribute meaningfully to the formation of wrinkles.

With the right quality sunglasses, the need to squint to see will be meaningfully reduced. When you squint less, the chances of developing wrinkles will be minimized.

9. They Protect the Eyes from Debris

Engaging in all kinds of outdoor activities exposes individuals to different types of debris that can hurt the eyes. From dirt to dust, several particles can get to the eyes and hurt seriously.

A top quality sunglasses will help to keep debris from finding their way into your eyes. Sunglasses also protect water from getting into the eyes of swimmers, improving comfort, and enhancing their performance.

10. They Can Prevent Cancer of the Eyelids and the Skin around the Eyes

Skin cancer is a dangerous condition that needs to be prevented at all costs. We generally use sunscreen to protect the skin from direct sunlight and its consequences.

How about the eyelids and the skin around the eyes?

Sunglasses can help to keep direct sunlight from getting to these essential parts of the skin. This way, they can prevent skin cancer around the eyes.

11. They Help Prevent Photokeratitis

Photokeratitis, which is a sunburn of the eye, is caused by exposure of the eyes to direct sun rays.

It is a painful condition that will result in such other issues as blurred vision, light sensitivity, and the sensation of having sand in the eyes. All these issues can be painful and frustrating.

Sunglasses offer full protection against photokeratitis, helping you stay comfortable during sunny days.

Have you ever spent hours in bright sunlight and found it hard to see clearly once you entered an indoor space?

It is an issue with dark adaptation. It also results in difficulty adapting to night time.

Wearing sunglasses during the day will improve the ability of the eyes to adjust to night time and indoor light levels quickly.

Sunglasses are undoubtedly much more than a fashion accessory because it helps protect the eyes from harmful sun rays and other issues.

It’s best to know why it is important to choose the right quality of sunglasses to enjoy all the benefits and avoid eye health risks.

If you have any further questions, contact us and we would be pleased to help you.