Blue Light Filtering: Ray-Ban Everglasses

Ray-Ban have been around the eyewear industry for many years now.
They have, throughout the years, kept their innovative approach at the cutting-edge producing some of the most iconic styles the eyewear industry has ever known.

Unlike their rivals, their key to success has been this innovation and, importantly, it’s happened at a consistent pace.

As a result, they are often releasing sunglasses and glasses that go on to become trendsetters, establishing a fashion base off which to build loyal followings and a reputation of style and quality.

75 years.

That’s how long Ray-Ban has been around. With their consistent approach in mind, it’s easy to imagine why they have produced so many sunglasses and glasses

Recently, they have adapted their glasses with an innovation in eyewear – optical blue-light filters.

The Ray-Ban Everglasses range has been adapted to include options that come equipped with blue-light filters.

You’ll hear the terms “Blue Light Clear” and “Blue Light Clear Evolve” when shopping for a pair of Ray-ban blue-light filtering glasses, the latter adapting by darkening in changing light conditions.

You may have heard of this technology and the life-changing benefits thereof.

We’re going to take a closer look at the real, scientifically-backed benefits of a blue light filter and do away with the outrageous claims that many retailers are selling to their customers.

The hope is to give you, our valued clients, a real-world understanding of what to expect when you purchase a pair of Ray-Ban Blue Light Filter glasses.

Before we get into that, let’s remind ourselves that we’re talking about Ray-Ban here.
That means you’re not only guaranteed a top-quality piece of eye equipment, but you’re also sure to be the owner of a stylish fashion piece.

So, whether this is your first endeavour into the world of totally-cool-yet-functional eyewear, or you’re looking for your next pair of premium glasses to complete your wardrobe, this article on Ray-Ban Blue-Light Filter Glasses will leave you with a sense of confidence when making your next purchase.

What is Blue Light and Is It Dangerous?

Blue light has the shortest wavelength in the visible light spectrum and this means it emits more energy.

It’s important to remember that one-third of all visible light is considered blue-light – your screens are not the only source of this and don’t let an eager salesperson tell you otherwise.

There are however concerns with the amount of time that people are spending looking directly at their screens which emits large amounts of blue-light.

Our eyes aren’t very good at filtering out blue light with basically all blue light reaching our retina.

This in contrast to UV light which the eye is well-adapted to blocking out – almost none of the UV light you’re exposed to reaches your retina.

Too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. This is concerning but more research is needed to determine how much is “too much”.

So while there is no need to panic about you losing your sight if you look at screens without blue-light filtering glasses, there are certainly benefits to blocking blue-light.

It’s been shown that blue light plays a large role in our circadian rhythm so by exposing yourself to blue-light (i.e. your phone screen) even two hours before bed, you’re damaging your body’s ability to get adequate rest which can have serious physical and psychological effects over time.

Apart from the effect it can have on your sleep, blocking blue light from screens can help to reduce eye-strain.

If you’ve ever experienced headaches from working at your laptop for long periods, it may be worth considering a pair of Ray-Ban blue-light filtering glasses.

Ray-Ban Blue-Light Filtering Sunglasses

rayban wayfarer sunglasses blue light.

1.New Wayfarer.

The original design of the Wayfarer hasn’t seen all that much change since they were released more than sixty years ago but they have formed a strong backbone of the Ray-Ban brand of today.

The New Wayfarer has been created to capture that iconic shape for a more contemporary audience.

The result is way cooler – the Wayfarer comes equipped with a frame that’s slightly smaller than before with a softer eye shape that adopts to, as opposed to fighting against, your face shape.

The focus on form may have you concerned about the aforementioned Ray-Ban commitment to functionality.

Fear not, the sunglasses-version of these come with G-15 polarized green lenses which were originally used by the military while the glasses-version are purchasable with a blue-light filter.

Popping a pair of these on your face endows you with timeless, functional-cool.

A pretty flawless offering from Ray-Ban.

rayban round metal blue light glasses

2.Round Metal Optics


The Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are cool.

As in, retro, epic-musician cool.

This is the look of those legendary guitar-masters from the 1960s made famous during the counter-culture movement.

In fact, some people know this pair of sunglasses simply as ‘Lennon’ glasses after the era-defining John Lennon who seemed to be wearing them anytime he referred to world peace.

While you’re probably not looking to dissuade anyone from pursuing their continued partaking of, and belonging to, our modern-day culture, you best believe that you’ll be looking your statement-making, retro-best with a pair of these on your face.

You’re able to get a very similar look with the Round Blue-Light Clear.

They can complement almost anything you wear and they are perfect for a day out with mates or a day spent in front of the computer at work.

The Ray-Ban unisex metal, iconic glasses are known for their defined round crystal lenses and distinct shape.

A curved brow bar, adjustable nose pads, and thin metal temples define this era-defining, time-defying sunglasses look.

The quality of the lenses is matched by that of the frames and bridge such that you can rest easy knowing you have a pair of glasses that will last you a long time while retaining their luxury-feel.

Ultimately, buying the Ray-Ban Round Metals means you are trusting a well-established brand with a reputation for producing top-notch, functional eyewear that stays in touch with modern trends while staying rooted in their iconic look.

Good choice

3. Aviator

This product was originally designed for U.S. Aviators back in 1936.

It’s purpose?

Protect the eyes from as much light as possible. The idea was to assist pilots when they were in midair combat – the lenses were meant to help the pilots spot the enemy aircraft quicker thereby providing a potentially life-saving advantage.

This eye protection objective is the reason that the design is characterized as being two or three times larger than the size of your eye.

Covering the entire range of the human eye to prevent as much light as possible from any angle was the name of the game here.

Functionally, the utility of these glasses doesn’t end with the lenses – they are equipped with thin metal frames, a double or triple bridge and bayonet earpieces that hook behind the ears.

Fast-forward to today and the Aviators have retained their reputation as being functionally sound while building a reputation of being a fashion statement.

Now, available with a blue light filter, you’re able to harness their iconic design while protecting your eyes from much of the blue light you’re taking in from your office computer.

The Aviator sunglasses are still a class offering by Ray-Ban that ticks all the right boxes – timeless yet innovative.

rayban clubmaster glasses.

4. Club master

Almost all of Ray-Ban’s silhouettes promote an air of importance and class, but few can hold a candle to the Clubmaster.

This classic design has been adopted and adorned by more than a couple of culturally-influential which has earned them the trust of the alternative and the cool around the world

Aesthetically, as one of the brand’s most progressive models, the Clubmaster Classic boasts a 1950s-era style, crystal lens treatment, and an acetate frame that blends the attributes of durable, long-lasting plastics, with the weight of thin metal.

The classic half-frame design is immediately recognizable among those who know fashionable eyewear, and with an example like the Clubmaster at your beck and call, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.


There are many ways to judge the quality of a product but one that goes a long way in assuring us as clients is longevity. Well, Ray-ban has been producing functional, quality, cool sunglasses for over 80 years.

Now, with blue-light filters included in their Ray-Ban Everglasses range, they’ve increased their utility by offering more eye protection.

This protection extends further than your eyes – your sleep quality is another factor that can benefit from blue-light filtering technology.

If you’re an office worker, someone who spends time on their phones at night, or you’re an avid night-time Netlfix consumer, it may be time to do your life a favour and purchase a pair of Ray-Ban Everglasses.

Where to Buy the Ray-Ban in South Africa?

Although Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are available in several brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, there is a special kind of convenience that comes with purchasing a product online.

The good news is that Ray-Ban has online-based authorized resellers that sell authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Oculux is an authorized reseller of Rayban, Oakley, Arnette, and Vogue Eyewear online and has made over 12,000 customers happy over the years.

Check out some of the top Ray-Ban glasses today!

How Do I Know My Ray-Bans are Real?

Naturally, in our often shifty world of counterfeit products, it’s important to know that you are paying for genuine quality. How then can you be guaranteed that the Ray-Bans you are buying are real? Well, there are several factors you can ensure exist when making sure you have a genuine pair of Ray-Bans:
  1. Check the contents of the box, they must contain several important components.
  2. Check the leather-quality of the case
  3. Check the nose pads of your Ray-Bans
  4. Check the lenses
What exactly to look for can be found in this article on buying Ray-Bans in South Africa.