Top 5 Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Women

Once purely functional, sunglasses have become a staple fashion accessory that any fashion-conscious woman, or man for that matter, cannot do without.

Health-wise, sunglasses are also a must-have with research showing a real protective benefit for wearing them in sunny conditions where harmful UV rays can do damage to your eyes.

This combination of traits – aesthetically-desirable fashion statements and health-conscious wardrobe choice – has resulted in an explosion of sunglasses choices available on the market today.

This is fantastic for the sunglasses industry in general but makes it difficult for a consumer like yourself to sift through and find a pair of sunglasses that are just right.

In other words, it can be overwhelming to find a pair of sunglasses that look great and offer great eye protection at the same time.

We’ve taken Ray-Ban, a world-leading sunglasses manufacturer, and distilled their market offerings down to our top five Ray-Ban sunglasses.

All the hard work has been done for your pleasure so sit back, browse through the following sunglasses and make your pick, assured in the fact that all five are a great quality pair of sunglasses.

1. Ray-Ban 4098 Jackie OHH II

Few style icons will ever eclipse the class of Jackie O.

Most discussions about fashion history include an exploration of her contributions to American pop culture and style, and to this day, people of all ages try to recreate the glamour she delivered.

Thus, there is no good search for ladies sunglasses that doesn’t include a pair or two that look like the shades that kept this First Lady so glamorous.

Her style included big, black shades with huge frames and dark lenses that let didn’t let anyone see in.

The Ray-Ban Women’s RB4098 Non-Polarized Jackie OHH II Sunglasses are those glasses. They have huge frames, dark lenses and plenty of mysterious appeal.

They’re so much like the sunglasses she made famous, they’re actually named after her!

The lenses are made of acetate allowing them to stay lightweight despite their size.

The lenses aren’t polarized, so you’ll get all the style in the world, but they won’t be any more precise than typical sunglasses.

UV protection is still included, however, meaning your eye health stays a top priority.

Jackie OHHs are simple in shape but they can be matched with different colours.

There’s the classic black that would have been exactly what Jackie O wore.

Then, there are black frames with grey lenses, burgundy frames and tortoise frames with green lenses meaning there is plenty of room for some of your own personalization to shine through.

The large size of these sunglasses are built to suit a specific face-shape so we recommend trying them on using Ray-Ban’s virtual “Try On” feature to make sure they’re a perfect fit for you.

Reasonable priced and serving as a touching homage to one of the classiest First Ladies to grace The White House, the Jackie Ohhs are a beautiful choice for any woman looking to notch up her classy outfits.

2. Clubmaster

Almost all of Ray-Ban’s silhouettes promote an air of importance and class, but few can hold a candle to the Clubmaster.

This classic design has been adopted and adorned by more than a couple of culturally-influential which has earned them the trust of the alternative and the cool around the world

Aesthetically, as one of the brand’s most progressive models, the Clubmaster Classic boasts a 1950s-era style, crystal lens treatment, and an acetate frame that blends the attributes of durable, long-lasting plastics, with the weight of thin metal.

The classic half-frame design is immediately recognizable among those who know fashionable eyewear, and with an example like the Clubmaster at your beck and call, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.

The havana gold frame and green lens make these an island match made in heaven.

Curious? Check it out the Ray-Ban Clubmaster here.

3. Round Metal Optics

The Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses are cool and will always be cool.

In fact, some people know this pair of sunglasses simply as ‘Lennon’ glasses after the era-defining John Lennon who seemed to be wearing them anytime he made a reference to world peace and it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

You best believe that you’ll be looking your statement-making, retro-best with a pair of these on your face.

Sporting a variety of frame and lens colour pairings, you’re guaranteed to find a match that speaks to your unique fashion style.

Whether it’s the retro-cool gold frame with green photochromic lenses or the flashy silver frame with silver mirror lenses, the Round Metals are able to complement almost anything you wear and they are perfect for a day out with the girls or tanning on the beach.

The Ray-Ban unisex metal, iconic sunglasses are known for their defined round crystal lenses and distinct shape.

A curved brow bar, adjustable nose pads, and thin metal temples define this era-defining, time-defying sunglasses look.

The quality of the lenses are matched by that of the frames and bridge such that you can rest easy knowing you have a pair of sunglasses that will last you a long time while retaining their luxury-feel.

Ultimately, buying the Ray-Ban Round Metals means you are trusting a well-established brand with a reputation for producing top-notch, functional eyewear that stays in touch with modern trends while staying rooted in their iconic look.

Good choice.

4. Erika

With the name giving us a slight hint, these sunglasses are a great pick for women.

A certain kind of fashion-awareness is needed for someone to sport a pair of these.
Luckily, you will automatically be thought to possess a fashion-forward approach if you’re spotted with the Erika sunglasses when you’re out and about.

Structurally, they have an extremely lightweight nylon frame, metal temples, and rubber fronts that make them a truly all-day pair of sunglasses with nose and ear fatigue kept to an absolute minimum.

Furthermore, they show off a tonal contrast that will assist in accentuating the angular features of your face.

The nose bridge and tone-on-tone temple tips add further personality to an already stylish set of sunglasses while the UV-protective variants adds an “all-purpose” tag to the Erika’s product description.

Another great offering for those who may want a slightly more unique design.

5. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

No top five list would be complete without the staple addition of every stylish wardrobe – the iconic Aviator.

These sunglasses were originally designed for U.S. Aviators back in 1936.

Their purpose?

Protect the eyes from as much light as possible. The idea was to assist pilots when they were in midair combat – the lenses were meant to help the pilots spot the enemy aircraft quicker thereby providing a potentially life-saving advantage.

This eye protection objective is the reason that the design is characterized as being two or three times larger than the size of your eye.

Covering the entire range of the human eye to prevent as much light as possible from any angle was the name of the game here.

Fast-forward to today and the Aviator sunglasses have retained their reputation as being functionally sound while building a reputation of being a fashion statement.

What’s more, they’re being worn by women and we could argue women are pulling them off fantastically!

And no, you don’t need to be a crime-bashing TV detective to sport these as a woman. Gender-stereotypes are a thing of the past when it comes to sunglasses, and we couldn’t be happier.

A classic gold frame, G-15 polarized lenses, and 100% UV protection keep the modern Aviator sunglasses on-par with alternative offerings by rival sunglasses.

The timeless round structure and comfortable temples complement their polished frame.

The Aviator sunglasses are, eighty years later, still a class offering by Ray-Ban that ticks all the right boxes.


There you have it – five fabulous sunglasses on offer by the world-class Ray-Ban.

Whether you fancy the Ray-Ban Round Metal’s or much prefer the Ray-Ban Erika’s, you simply cannot go wrong by selecting any of those we’ve spoken about here.

Most of these sunglasses come in a range of different frame and lens pairings. Head on over to our store to peruse some of the options.