Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses – South Africa

Ray-Ban have been around the eyewear industry for many years now.

They have, throughout the years, kept their innovative approach at the cutting edge producing some of the most iconic styles the eyewear industry has ever known.

Unlike their rivals, their key to success has been this innovation but at a consistent pace.

As a result, they are often releasing sunglasses and glasses that go on to become the trendsetters, establishing a fashion base off which to build loyal followings and a reputation of style and quality.

Just look at the Ray-Ban Aviators.

What started as a functionally significant piece of equipment that assisted pilots in performing at their peak while navigating the skies in fighter jets has, over the years, been transformed into one of the most iconic fashion statements ever.

It speaks to Ray-Bans commitment to functionality as well as form. This has kept them relevant throughout the years. With their consistent approach in mind, it’s easy to imagine why they have produced so many sunglasses and glasses.

Before we get into that why the Ray-Ban Aviators are a truly special pair of sunglasses, let’s remind you that we’re talking about Ray-Ban here.

That means you’re not only guaranteed a top-quality piece of eye equipment, but you’re also sure to be the owner of a stylish fashion piece.

So, whether this is your first endeavour into the world of totally-cool-yet-functional eyewear, or you’re looking for your next pair of premium glasses to complete your wardrobe, this article on Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses will leave you with a sense of confidence when making your next purchase.

Meet the Ray-Ban Aviators

No Ray-Ban lover’s wardrobe would be complete without the staple addition of the iconic Aviator.

These sunglasses were originally designed for U.S. Aviators back in 1936.

Their purpose?

Protect the eyes from as much light as possible. The idea was to assist pilots when they were in mid-air combat – the lenses were meant to help the pilots spot the enemy aircraft quicker thereby providing a potentially life-saving advantage.

This eye protection objective is the reason that the design is characterized as being two or three times larger than the size of your eye.

Covering the entire range of the human eye to prevent as much light as possible from any angle was the name of the game here.

Functionally, the utility of these sunglasses doesn’t end with the lenses – they are equipped with thin metal frames, a double or triple bridge and bayonet earpieces that hook behind the ears.

Fast-forward to today and the Aviator sunglasses have retained their reputation as being functionally sound while building a reputation of being a fashion statement.

What’s more, they’re being worn by women and we could argue women are pulling them off fantastically!

And no, you don’t need to be a crime-bashing TV detective to sport these as a woman. Gender stereotypes are a thing of the past when it comes to sunglasses, and we couldn’t be happier.

A classic gold frame, G-15 polarized lenses, and 100% UV protection keep the modern Aviator sunglasses on par with alternative offerings by rival sunglasses.

The timeless round structure and comfortable temples complement their polished frame.

The Aviator sunglasses are, eighty years later, still a class offering by Ray-Ban that ticks all the right boxes.

Ray-Ban Quality Means Eye Longevity

Ray-Ban Aviators are built with the same fantastic frame quality as other Ray-Ban sunglasses and sport the same eye protection technology that makes them a good fit for anyone looking for a combination of form and function.

Ray-Ban Aviators Protect Your Eyes

For some years, sunglasses have transformed from something meant to enhance eyesight and protect your eyeballs from harsh sun rays into fashion accessories.

The core feature of sunglasses still needs to be respected when you are considering a pair to purchase.

Fortunately, Ray-Ban Aviators deliver on that front – you are getting UV protection meaning your eyes are being shielded by at least the harshest of the elements.

This being said, the exact level of protection varies among the different types of lenses. Here’s a closer look at the protection offered.

Classic lenses absorb 85% of visible light and block most blue light while providing a “natural vision” because they don’t alter the colours you see around you.

Mirrored lenses reduce glare for visual comfort near snow and water. Colours look clearer and brighter.

Polarized lenses block more than 99% of reflected light around you, eliminate glare, and enhance contrast. Everything looks clearer and brighter. These are excellent in sporting or outdoor applications.

Fishermen rely on polarized lenses to see past the light reflecting off the surface of a body of water while golfers go about their putting and driving distraction-free when equipped with a pair of polarized sunglasses.

You can also find gradient lenses if that is a style more to your liking.

Ray-Ban Aviator Eye Coverage

These sunglasses are certainly not going to replace your sports sunglasses in terms of the protection they offer from flying debris and UV exposure.

That being said, I seriously doubt you are thinking about sporting (pardon the pun) your full-coverage, face-wrapping cycling glasses at your next date, casual wine-farm stroll, or music festival.

And, if you are entertaining such thoughts, stop and just buy a pair of these before you do your Cool Factor any harm.

While these sunglasses allow in all the UV light on the side of the face due to their front-facing, only semi-curved lenses, they do offer UV protection when the light is hitting them front-on.

In other words, these will serve you well on a sunny day out watching cricket or your favourite local band.

Ray-Ban Aviator Comfort

Sporting thin metal lightweight frames to complement their quite minimalist look, the Ray-Ban Aviators are quite comfortable to wear.

These were built for pilots to wear all day, remember? And the progression of time has brought with it an evolution of sunglasses material quality which has improved dramatically.

This means you’re getting a pair of Aviators today that are lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than those the pilots first wore in the ‘30s.

They sit very comfortably on the face and it’s likely that you’ll forget they’re even there while you’re out and about.


Ray-Bans are a true heritage brand. They’ve stuck to timeless designs that have remained fashionable throughout the ages. What this translates to is a recognizable look and a trustworthy label that has been producing top-quality, functionally cool sunglasses for decades.

In terms of UV protection, you are able to select a lens that suits you whether that be the classic lenses, mirrored lenses, or glare-blocking polarized lenses.

The quality of the lenses is matched by that of the frames and bridge such that you can rest easy knowing you have a pair of sunglasses that will last you a long time while retaining their luxury feel.

Ultimately, buying the Ray-Ban Aviators means you are trusting a well-established brand with a reputation for producing top-notch, functional eyewear that stays in touch with modern trends while staying rooted in their iconic look.


  1. Timeless, iconic look
  2. Light and comfortable
  3. Sturdy, luxurious metal frame and bridge
  4. Lens variations offer personalized options
  5. Suitable for most occasions


  1. Only front-on UV protection

Quick Specs

Shape: Pilot

Frame Material: Metal

Fit: Standard

Best for: Casual or outdoor formal occasions

Temple Arm Length: 135mm

Lens Height: 50.1mm

Good choice.

Check out the Ray-Ban Aviators and other Ray-Ban sunglasses today!