Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses: A Detailed Review

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are one of the most iconic pairs of Oakley Sunglasses worn by everyone from athletes to celebrities.

Inspired by screen actors in the 1940s to 60s, Holbrook has a classic design that makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an equally bold and simple look.

It’s almost like a reinterpretation of Frogskins with a more angular shape to create a more serious look.

If you’re considering the Holbrook as your next addition to your sunglasses collection, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to review the Oakley Holbrook in terms of important features like lens and frame quality, comfort, design, and more.

At the end of this guide, hopefully you will be able to decide if the Holbrook is right for you.

Oakley Holbrook: A Modern Everyday Looks


Shape: Rectangle

Lens Width:55.0mm

Bridge Size: 18mm

Lens Height: 43.0mm

Temple Arm Length: 137mm

Best suits: Oval, round, and angular face shape

Few eyewear pieces have reached the classic status that Holbrook has. The modern but not quite teen-trendy design makes it appealing for today’s adults that need a fashionable and functional pair of sunglasses.

You can wear it on the way to work, a walk at the park, or at a lazy day at the beach. You can also wear it while fishing or golfing. It’s a versatile piece that offers lots of options to suit your needs.

The Oakley Holbrook is on a larger scale with rectangular frames, giving it a highly masculine look. But it’s a versatile pair that looks great on both men and women.

The ‘Supernatural’ actor Jensen Ackles, for example, looks cool and hip with the black matte Holbrook:

And so does Jessica Biel. The straight-forward, edgy shape of the Holbrook complements her oval face and feminine features, giving her an instant classy vibe.

One thing to note is the frames may be too bulky for some and may drown out features of a petite or narrow face. So yes, Oakley Holbrook is unisex but whether it looks great on you will depend on your face shape and size.

Before we dive deeper into the features of Oakley Holbrook, here’s a summary of the hits and misses of the classic pair (which we’ll discuss below in more detail) :

What We Love
  • Timeless modern design
  • Durable materials for lens and frame
  • Has polarized and non-polarized options
  • Provides great coverage
  • Available in 15 styles and colors
  • Lenses are interchangeable!
  • More affordable than many of its competitors

Oakley Holbrook: Features

What to Watch Out For
  • Thick frames may be bulky for some and drown out features of smaller faces
  • Lack of padding may cause discomfort for some users
  • Design is too plain for some users
  • Only comes with a cloth bag as the case

Oakley Holbrook: Features

Lens quality: 90%

The quality of lenses of sunglasses determines how clear and accurate the images it produces are. Oakley makes some of the best lenses in the market using advanced technologies.

Oakley Holbrook uses Prizm™ lenses which are known to produce clearer images with enhanced colors and contrast.

There are different kinds of Prizm™ lenses suitable for different situations. There’s the Prizm™ Trail which improves browns and reds in bright light and shaded areas.

Another is the Prizm™ Road which produces images so sharp that cyclists can spot subtle changes in road textures, and the Prizm™ Golf which improves depth perception to give golfers a huge advantage.


“The most powerful cycling sunglasses in the market”

Holbrook lenses are also High Definition Optics® lenses. These lenses produce extremely clear and accurate vision thanks to an advanced light distribution technology.

Other non-Oakley lenses distribute light to different spots on the lens, producing two different images that the brain has to stitch together. HDO lenses, on the other hand, align light to one spot to create a single image.

This reduces eye fatigue and produces more accurate vision, making the Oakley Holbrook ideal for athletes or anyone who need to stay alert and see the slightest details in a fast-moving environment.

Holbrook lenses also provide 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC light. You can also get the Holbrook Prizm™ lenses in your prescription or go for the Holbrook RX which is the ophthalmic version of Oakley Holbrook.

Polarized Holbrooks are also available if you’re looking for a pair that effectively reduces glare.

Frame quality: 90%The frame of Oakley Holbrook is made of O-Matter, a kind of specialized nylon-infused plastic known to be lightweight yet durable. Because of the lightweight frame and lenses, Holbrook weighs just 25 grams – lighter than most of its competitors.

The frame is also resistant to impact, stress, and intense temperature changes. This material ensures that your Oakley Holbrook frames won’t crack after falling a few meters to the ground.

The frames can flex a little but not too much, with tight, long-lasting standard barrel-style hinges.

Comfort: 80%

Another thing we like about Holbrook is the comfortable fit even on smaller faces. Since the frame material is light and less rigid than other plastics, this allows the frame to shape better to the wearer’s head. Despite being lightweight, it’s well-balanced from front to back, preventing it from sliding down your nose.

What Holbrook lacks is the padding on the frames, which some users may prefer for added comfort. Some users also don’t like the fact that the hinges don’t overextend to make room for wider faces. Because of the lack of padding and the tightness for wider faces, some wearers may experience pressure points behind their ears after wearing the Holbrook for too long.

Design/Versatility: 90% Holbrook is basically a simpler version of Oakley Frogskins, and users have varying opinions about this. For some, it’s too simple and unexciting, but for others, it’s just the right mix of style and simplicity that they’re looking for. It’s available in 15 different styles and lens colours ranging from the most basic black lenses to more adventurous colours like a popping purple or orange. You can also choose from different frame colours and between matte or shiny, polished frames.

Another HUGE plus is the fact that Holbrook lenses are interchangeable! You can simply remove the lenses and use another pair with a different colour to suit your mood and style for the day. This can save you money in the long run. Because you don’t have to carry multiple frames during traveling, it’s a lot easier to switch up your style.

If you’re looking for a simple and classic pair with lots of options to look great on any outfit and occasion, Holbrook is a great choice.

Coverage: 95%

One of Oakley Holbrook’s best features is the great coverage that it provides on top, bottom, and sides.

The slightly curved frame hugs your face and blocks sunlight and dirt from both sides, and the large lenses also help cover any gaps left between your face and the frames.

The light and even front-to-back weight also keeps the pair from bouncing around or falling down your nose, allowing it to provide consistent coverage throughout the day.

Sunglasses Case: 70%

We believe that no pair of sunglasses is perfect for everybody, so it’s a matter of deciding on the deal-breakers. A downside to Holbrook is it only comes with a cloth pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

At its price point, you’d expect it to come with a proper case to extend its lifetime, but the cloth bag is all you’ll get.

While it doesn’t protect the pair from getting crushed, it does prevent scratches and keep your lenses clean. We just wish that it came with a more sturdy case like other sunglasses.

Price: 90%

Oakley Holbrook costs somewhere around R2,000 on its official website and local stores. Polarized lenses cost even more. Although that’s certainly a lot, it’s still cheaper than most of its competitors like the Wayfarer.

If you want to save tons of money while still ensuring that you’re getting a genuine pair, it’s best to buy from authorized retailers like Oculux.

Oculux offers significant discounts of up to 30% for both non-polarized and polarized Holbrooks. We also only sell genuine items – strictly no fakes! – so you can rest assured that you’re getting the real deal.

Considering all that we discussed about Holbrook’s quality, design, and versatility, this pair is certainly worth the price.

The Verdict: Is Oakley Holbrook Worth the Try?

Overall, the Oakley Holbrook is one of the best pairs of sunglasses out there in terms of design, quality of materials, and availability of options.

It’s a very popular pair with high-quality lenses for clear and high-contrast images, durable and lightweight frames, and tons of options with interchangeable lenses.

The only things we think it lacks that can improve the experience for many users are a proper sunglasses case and more flexible frames to accommodate wider faces.

But all in all, we definitely think it’s a great looking and affordable pair that you can take anywhere with you to create a modern, classic look.