Oakley Sunglasses South Africa: Best Sellers

Oakley sunglasses are among the most popular eyewear brands in the world and to many people’s surprise, this global phenomenon actually started in a garage.

With its exceptional quality and impressive design, Oakley has time and time again proven to be a trusted eyewear brand for both lifestyle and sport and they continue to develop solutions to enhance the quality of their eyewear.

History of Oakley

Oakley is one of the leading brands for eyewear and sports gear. It is owned and founded by Jim Jannard way back in 1975. He started the company in his garage.

Oakley provides a wide range of products like sports gear, pads, helmets, T-shirts, and other clothing. A total of $300 was Jim’s initial investment for it.

The name “Oakley” comes from the name of Jim Jannard’s dog Oakley. Oakley Grip was the first product that he sold to different motocross events.

Oakley products were welcomed by people and it gradually started to make profits from its yearly sales. As the company started to gain traction, they began manufacturing sunglasses and ski goggles in 1983.

Their first eyewear was the Factory Pilot Eyeshades. These were mainly designed for sports. One of their best sellers in 1985 was the Frogskin, which was their first-ever lifestyle sunglasses.

In 2004, Oakley signed with Fox Racing to create eyewear co-designed by Oakley and Fox Racing.

In 2006, Oakley acquired the Oliver People’s Group, which is a high-end company for fashion eyewear.

In the succeeding year, an Italian group Luxottica proposed to partner with Oakley for $2.2 billion.

This deal was completed in November in the same year, and now Oakley is in Luxottica’s portfolio together with top brands like Ray-Ban, Vogue, and Persol.

Oakley donated 35 Radar sunglasses to protect the eyes of miners in Chile in 2010.

The miners got trapped underground for about 3 weeks, wherein a person contacted Oakley to donate some of their eyewear.

The company also adheres to US Standard Issue, so they give eyewear to the US Military and other law enforcement firms.

Today, Oakley is still among the top eyewear brands and sports gear across the globe. They offer a wide range of designs to choose from depending on your eyewear needs.

Top Sellers of Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley continues to develop solutions to manufacture the best sunglasses for millions of people. Some of the top-selling Oakley sunglasses include the following:

The Justin Models



Fuel Cell

Turbine Rotor



Holbrook Metal


Trillbe X





Radar EV Path


Flight Jacket


Oakley sunglasses are perfect for everyday lifestyle, fashion and for sports performance.

The sunglasses are also available with 2 years warranty for that peace of mind. It also comes with an authentication certificate.

Interesting Facts about Oakley Sunglasses

  • The Secret Behind the Oakley’s SuccessThe secret behind the success of Oakley is the combination of science and art. One of the reasons behind Oakley’s success is their passion for art and science to produce an excellent blend of style and performance.
  • Oakley Eyewear Utilizes Hydrophobic Lens TechnologyOne unique feature of the Oakley sunglasses is its hydrophobic lens technology that can repel sweat and water.
    Aside from that, they also have digital audio eyewear that combines music and eyewear performance.

    Oakley Thump is the first audio player built into sunglasses. It incorporates a flash-based player into the frame of a pair of sunglasses for cordless on-the-go listening.

    They also feature advanced carbon fiber for reliable shatter-proof strength.

  • The Tour de France PopularityOakley’s Eyeshades was popularized by the 3-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond.

    Later, professionals like Scott Tinley, Lance Armstrong, and Mark Allen recognized the protection and quality of Eyeshades.

  • Oakley Polarized Lens Uses 7 Technologies, Making It World-ClassThe impressive Oakley polarized lens uses 7 technologies. With their HDO or High Definition Optics, you can see sharper and clearer due to the magnification of ordinary lenses.

    The polarized lens also blocks the glare which can be caused by snow, water, and high light reflective surfaces.

  • Oakley Sunglasses Provides Impressive Eye ProtectionOakley sunglasses can provide you with better eye protection. Thus, it can filter out about 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Plutonite in the lenses blocks the rays directly.
  • It also comes with a highly innovative hydrophobic coating to prevent moisture buildup in the lens.

    The sunglasses also feature anti-smudge technology that can repel contaminants and oils, which can corrupt vision, especially in sports competition.

  • Oakley is Named after a DogThe company Oakley is named after Jim Jannard ‘s dog Oakley. It’s pretty amazing, right.

Why it’s Important to Buy Genuine Oakley Sunglasses

    • Quality and Reliable Protection

Oakley sunglasses are known for their superior quality and the eye protection they offer for various outdoor activities. Genuine Oakley sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. They offer great protection from high-velocity and high-mass impact.

Oakley Counterfeits on the other hand are not only made of poor-quality material but they don’t offer any kind of protection to the eyes.

  • Customized Design
    Oakley eyewear comes in more customized designs for various needs and sports performance. It features HDO or High Definition Optics for sharper and clearer vision.


    The technology also prevents moisture and dust formation on the lens. You can choose from iridium and polarized lenses. Its glare reduction feature is perfect for different types of sports.

  • Quality Lenses
    The quality of Oakley lenses are exceptionally reliable. They provide 100% protection from the harmful rays like blue light, UVC, UVB, and UVA.

    The eyewear is tested to surpass the most rigorous impact tests of ANSI.

  • Advanced Features
    Oakley’s XYZ optics can extend the clarity of the lens, which opens peripheral vision. It also enhances side protection against wind, sun, and impact during sports activities.


    There are many counterfeits of the eyewear on the market, so you must be aware of making sure that the time, money, and effort you invest is going toward buying the genuine Oakley.

    To guide you in buying real Oakley eyewear, you can consider the following tips.

How to know if your Oakley Eyewear is Genuine?

To help you tell the difference between the genuine and the counterfeit. Here are some factors you can consider to make sure that your Oakley is not a fake.
  • Check the Package
    When you purchase an Oakley eyewear, you can get a retail box, case, and cleaning cloth with the paperwork.


    The retail box must contain a model name, information about the manufacturer, frame and lens description, and barcode. You must also check if the box information matches the eyewear.

    Check whether the product comes in a microfiber pouch or top-quality hard case. The case and cleaning cloth must have Oakley logo.

    Another tip to ensure if your Oakley sunglasses are real is through the paperwork.

    With this, see if it comes with a warranty card and certificate of authenticity. If you encounter typing errors, there is a possibility that your eyewear is fake.

  • Quality at First Sight At first sight, you can determine if your Oakley sunglasses is a quality one with its weight.


    It must have solid hinges and quality prints on the temple when you take a closer look at the shades.

  • The Logo An authentic Oakley logo can be found on the packaging. The symbol ‘O’ can be seen on the top of the case or stitched on the corner of the pouch.
  • Genuine Oakley eyewear has a logo on the temple which is embedded in the frame. It can be ‘O’ or ‘Oakley’ sign.

  • Quality Lenses

    You must also monitor the lenses of your eyewear. The Oakley logo can be found on the nose bridge. Prizm and Polarized models include words in capital letters on the lens.


    With these tips, you can easily determine the difference between genuine and fake Oakley sunglasses.

    The reputation that precedes Oakley’s name is well deserved and all the hype is fairly accredited to the brand.

    Oakley sunglasses’ quality can be trusted, and we sincerely believe these sunglasses are a valuable addition to your everyday life and to any sport that you love. What are you waiting for?

    Buy your genuine Oakley sunglasses at Oculux today.