Oakley Radar Sunglasses: The Complete Review

The Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses epitomize what Oakley stand for – they have a practically minded design with a focus on functionality and it’s all bundled up in a sleek, eye-catching package. With a better field-of-view and improved aerodynamics, this new addition to the Radar collection is just begging to be a part of your sports eyewear collection.

An Overview: Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses

Oakley has been setting the bar higher and higher ever since it started developing and producing as a pioneer of sports eyewear innovation.

This has earned them the trust of elite athletes in a multitude of different sporting professions.

The reason why is quite simple: Oakley is devoted to making the best sunglasses on the planet by letting invention lead the way.

And it shows…

This brand has a stirring passion to reinvent and this devotion to creating with cutting-edge technology in mind has produced several outstanding results.

Amongst these results are technologies like High Definition Optics, Impact Protection, Switch Lock, and True Digital Edge.

What all this means for you, the consumer, is that you’re getting the highest quality, most innovative sunglasses on the market today.

Of particular intrigue is their Prizm tech which is “a revolution in lens optics built on decades of colour science research”. Prizm lenses provide automatic light transmission control resulting in colours precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility.

The Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses personify everything that makes Oakley great – jam-packed with clever features all bundled up in a sleek, exciting package.

Let’s jump into the details of what makes the Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses the next obvious choice for your sunglasses collection.

Who Are The Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses For?

While you probably won’t be wearing these on your next date, even if it is one outside under a bright sun, they are the perfect pair for your next impression of any Australian spin bowler.

In all seriousness though, these are meant to serve primarily as sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts looking for quality eye protection.

Cricketers, cyclists, runners, and golfers are some of the people who the Oakley Radar’s are perfect for thanks to a need for wide vision and clear optics.

Further optimization is available with the Prizm lenses where one can choose a specific lens to best complement the outdoor activity you will mostly be using them for whether that be road cycling or mountainous trail running.

The increased range of view offered by these sunglasses in the upper periphery makes them truly ideal for those on the move with a need for a clear, wide view ahead.

The New Radar EV Path vs The Original Radar

The fit of the new Radar is almost identical to the original radar sunglasses with the same curved and lengthened arms wrapped in the innovative Unobtanium ear socks.

The same rubber is used for two different nose pad thickness choices such that a variety of nose shapes are able to fit comfortably.

As far as visuals go, the new Radar EV Path is about 5mm taller than the original Radar’s which helps significantly improve top peripheral vision.

The new Radar’s are also lighter than the previous version thanks to a new relieved and channeled arm and pivot design.

The resulting 1-gram weight reduction is more impressive when one considers the additional lens and frame height in the new Radars.

Aerodynamically, the new Radar EV Path sunglasses are a step up from the old with the previous ‘O’ channel replaced with a more forward vent port that helps to direct airflow past one’s temples and helmet straps.

While added vents were an option with the original Radar Path lens, the raised lens of the new Radar sunglasses means that these small ports are now more in line with the brow instead of under.

This has two added benefits: it wicks sweat at the brow and it assists in ridding any condensation build-up thereby reducing the likelihood of reduced vision.

Overall, the new Radar EV Path is a step up from the older Radar – it’s lighter, has a more thoughtful aerodynamic approach and offers a better field of vision.

Are Ray-Ban Aviators Polarized?

These sunglasses are made from Oakley’s patented O-Matter frame material. This is a good thing as it’s a material that is 25% lighter than normal acetate yet two times stronger.

This allows the Radar EV Path sunglasses to feel light and comfortable on your face yet retain enough strength, and more, to handle the harsh outdoors.

As mentioned earlier, the ear socks and nose pads are made from Oakley’s innovative and patented material termed Unobtanium.

Prizm Lens Technology

Oakley glasses have been pioneers in their lens technology. Buy a pair of Oakley’s and you’re guaranteed to provide some top-notch protection for your eyes.

However, it is important to know the different lenses on offer so that you are able to make a more personalized choice that is suited to your use case.

That being said, there are two main lens variations on offer when you purchase a pair of Oakley Flight jacket sunglasses: photochromatic lenses or Prizm lenses.

The photochromatic lenses on the Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses are built with Oakley HDO technology. In short, these are optical lenses that darken on exposure to light of a sufficiently high frequency. Imagine then that you start your cycle on a cloudy morning.

Your photochromatic lenses will be lighter (allowing in more light), and later, when the sun peeks out in the afternoon, your lenses will automatically darken giving you more UV protection.

The key here is that the process is automatic. This saves you from swapping out one kind of lens for another when lighting changes.

Now for the Prizm lenses.

They too are built with Oakley’s High-Definition Optics tech but where they differ from the photochromatic lenses is in the contrast and colour they offer. They’re designed to specifically enhance colour and contrast.

So, whether you’re fishing, cycling, or running, you’re guaranteed to pick up environmental details that you were previously unaware of.

This could mean avoiding that sneaky pothole hiding in an innocent puddle, casting your fly right above that trout’s nose, or swerving between those dodgy rocks on your next trail ride.

The Prizm lenses on offer by Oakley are served in a variety of colours which each have unique colour filtering features such as the Prizm Golf and the Prizm Road.


What you get with the Oakley Radar sunglasses is top-quality, vision-enhancing technology and, frankly, unrivalled comfort.

These sunglasses provide a fantastic field of vision thanks to the heightened lens while the re-designed pivots allow for better airflow all in a package that is lighter than its predecessor.

The attention to functional design means that this pair of Oakley sunglasses is free from annoyances you might find when out and about in other sunglasses.

We could go so far as to say that this pair of sunglasses could be a catch-all for all your outdoor activities thanks to its sleek yet not overstated look and clever features that provide a clear view of what you’re doing while wicking sweat from your brow.

All-in-all, the price tag of the Oakley Radar sunglasses are well justified and we highly endorse this when you are looking for your next pair of sporty sunglasses.

Where to Buy the Oakley Radar EV Path Sunglasses

Although Oakley Oakley Radar EV Path sunglasses are available in several brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, Oakley doesn’t have a store finder in South Africa, making it hard to find a specific store that carries it.

The good news is that Oakley has online-based authorized resellers that sell authentic Oakley sunglasses.

Oculux is an authorized reseller of Oakley, Ray-Ban, Arnette, and Vogue Eyewear online and has made over 11,000 customers happy over the years.

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