Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses Sale in South Africa

The Ray-Ban Aviator needs no introduction. With the thin frame and inverted teardrop lenses, it’s the most iconic pair of sunglasses that symbolizes self-expression and individual style.

Originally made to protect aviators’ eyesight during flights, it started to gain traction in 1944 when US General Douglass MacArthur was photographed wearing it upon landing on a beach in the Philippines.

In the 1950s and 60s, popular movie celebrities like Marlon Brando started wearing them, and that’s when the pair’s popularity really exploded.

The timeless design and charm of the Aviator have helped it survive the rocky landscape of the fashion industry for decades, and now it has been worn by the most iconic modern personalities including Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, and Michael Jackson.

The Aviator is a versatile pair of eyewear that suits almost everybody and can complement any outfit and mood of the day.

How to Score the Best Ray-Ban Aviator Deals in South Africa

The Aviator has avid fans all over the world including South Africa where it’s become very popular.

More and more South African stores are selling Ray-Bans, with many found in Cape Town and some in Norwood, Sunninghill, and Germiston.

The question most fans have is how to find the best Ray-Ban Aviator deals – because who doesn’t love saving a few bucks?! Well, we happen to have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves!

1. Buy from Retailers

The most straightforward way to save money on a Ray-Ban Aviator is to compare the prices of several retailers – online or offline. Buying directly from Ray-Ban often isn’t the cheapest option (unless you have an amazing coupon code).

Retailers have varying prices on frames and lenses and often offer more discounts year-round. Oculux, the biggest store of branded sunglasses in South Africa, offers as much as 30% off to select pairs including Aviators.

You do have to be careful in making sure that the retailer is selling genuine Ray-Bans. Fake Aviators are becoming harder to spot, so be sure to find a legitimate Ray-Ban reseller.

2. Buy Online
The most obvious advantage of buying sunglasses online is you not only get to save time because browsing websites is much faster than store hopping, but you also get to save gas money. If the nearest store that sells Aviators is 100 miles away, buying online is the obvious choice.

When buying sunglasses online, you need to consider a number of factors. One, what is the refund and replacement policy?

You want to buy from an online store with clear policies concerning this, as well as a customer service line or email address that a real person actually opens and reads.

Another factor to consider is shipping. How much is the shipping fee, and approximately how long will it take?

Locally based online stores usually ship products faster – and have lower shipping fees – than those based overseas.

Do they even ship to your town? You also want to look for reviews from previous buyers concerning the quality of the items. Did it arrive in good condition? Are there any defects? How well was it packaged?

Lastly but most importantly, you have to check the legitimacy of the online store. Do they actually ship orders? Is your credit info safe on their website?

Research extensively first to make sure it’s a legitimate company. A good rule of the thumb is if you can’t find proofs of transactions, it’s just not worth it.

3. Follow Resellers on Social Media
Any retailer who’s serious about making a profit is trying to grow their social media accounts. The more followers they have, the more sales they can generate.

A popular trick that retailers use to grow their social media following is offering exciting freebies, contests, or discounts on their social media accounts. Take a look at one of our social media contests as an example:

Although it’s not specific to Ray-Ban Aviators, winning a free pair of branded sunglasses that’s worth up to R2,000 is not such a bad deal, right?

And you can win in just two easy steps! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. (If you want to get a chance to win amazing prices like this, follow us on Instagram now to stay updated on future contests).

Another way you can get exclusive deals is by signing up on newsletters.

As you can see in our IG contest, we’re trying to make people sign up for our newsletter because our subscribers are usually the ones who get early access to our freebies and deals!

4. Scour the Web for Coupon Codes
Coupon codes are your best friend if you want to score huge savings whether you’re buying direct or from a reseller.

Ray-Ban doesn’t often give out coupon codes on their website, but you can find them on other coupon code sites. Just make sure it can be used for Ray-Ban items in South Africa!

5. Save Up for Holiday Sales :

Holidays = HUGE savings! If you can hold off and wait a few months, you’ll enjoy bigger deals from holiday Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses sale in South Africa.Most retailers and department stores offer amazing discounts on holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year.

Two other big days to look forward to are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Our customers have even saved a crazy amount in our past Black Fridays! Not too shabby, eh?!

The key to getting the most out of sales is to make sure you’re updated. This is why following retailers on social media or subscribing to their newsletters is so important.

Plan what kind of Aviator you want. Choose the colour and type of frame and lens (prescription? polarized sunglasses?) in advance so that when the sale starts, you can place the order really QUICK!

6. Consider a Pre-Loved Pair
If you’re not too particular, you can always purchase a pre-loved Aviator. It’s better if you can buy from a trusted friend or family, but if not, you can try to look on Facebook or other websites for pre-loved items.

Just be sure to ask for proofs of authenticity like receipts and never pay before getting the item. You must be able to closely inspect the item, which brings us to our next topic for discussion…

How to Know Your Ray- Sunglasses are Genuine

In their quest to save money, many customers fall into the trap of buying fake Aviators. This is an extremely frustrating and disappointing experience, so we want to help you avoid it at all cost.

Not only is it a waste of money, but you also won’t get the eye protection that you thought you would, thus exposing your eyes to harmful UV rays.

Many fake sites and adverts pop up on social media, but how can you avoid them? Here are ways to tell if a pair is fake or not:

Oakley Holbrook: Features

1. It Must Have “RB” Etched into the Glass

All genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses have the letters “RB” lightly etched into the lens, like so:

2. The “RB” Must Also be Etched on Both Nose Pads

Fake Aviators often miss these RB letters or only have them on one nose pad.

3. The Temples Must Show the Model Info

The left temple must show the type and size of the Aviator. The right temple, on the other hand, must indicate where it is made (“Made in the USA” or “Made in Italy”) and the “CE” symbol which means “Conformité Européenne”. The print on both temples must be clear and easy to read.

Left Temple
Right Temple

4. The Lenses Must be Glass, Not Plastic

All Aviator lenses are made of glass. The glass also has a little weight to them compared with fake ones.

5. It Must Arrive in a Ray-Ban Box

This box is a shiny silver paper box with the Ray-Ban logo clearly printed on it. The side of the box should be a label with barcodes. The box must contain a case, glasses cleaning cloth, and leaflet. All of these items must show a clear Ray-Ban logo.

The case feels and resembles real leather with a white or gold seal on the front left side saying “100% UV Protection – Ray Ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica”.

The cleaning cloth is made of high-quality material and has an imprinted logo that many fakes miss.

Also, all Ray-Bans come with a booklet with promotional images, product info, and instructions on how to care for the sunglasses.

This is in no way an authenticity certificate, but it should be a pretty good indicator of the item’s legitimacy. The booklet should not have any spelling or grammatical errors.

Frame quality: 90%The frame of Oakley Holbrook is made of O-Matter, a kind of specialized nylon-infused plastic known to be lightweight yet durable. Because of the lightweight frame and lenses, Holbrook weighs just 25 grams – lighter than most of its competitors.

The frame is also resistant to impact, stress, and intense temperature changes. This material ensures that your Oakley Holbrook frames won’t crack after falling a few meters to the ground.

The frames can flex a little but not too much, with tight, long-lasting standard barrel-style hinges.

Be a Savvy Buyer – Save TONS on Ray-Ban Aviator!

Ray-Ban Aviators aren’t cheap, but you don’t need to break the bank to get your hand on this beautiful pair.

If you plan for Ray-Ban Aviator sales in South Africa and follow the tips we gave on how to find great deals and avoid knock-offs like the plague, you’ll surely keep a few extra bucks in your pocket!