Ray-Ban Justin 2020 Review: A Timeless Classic with a Twist

Ray-Ban has been a trusted iconic brand for eight decades. It has been worn by famous personalities such as Audrey Hepburn, Bob Dylan, and Michael Jackson.

The brand was born out of a necessity to help US Airforce pilots by creating sunglasses that cut out glare without obscuring their vision. With this, the famous aviator with green lenses was born.

Over the years, Ray-Ban has given us stylish and functional sunglasses and eyeglasses for men, women, and even kids.

They have created different shapes and sizes to fit every face shape and cater to different occasions.

Even though Ray-Ban has been around since 1937, it has never failed to surprise us with how timelessly classic the designs are.

The Original Wayfarer

Aside from the Aviator, the Wayfarer is also one of the brand’s well-known models.

Launched in the early 1950s, the Wayfarer was donned by rock and roll legends, pop stars, politicians, celebrities, and movie icons.

It has been used in different movies such as The Rebel without a Cause starring James Dean, Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn, and Risky Business starring Tom Cruise.

It is one of the top-selling sunglasses of all time and has become a recognizable fashion accessory.

Since its launch, there have been different offshoots of the original such as the New Wayfarer, the Folding Wayfarer, and the Wayfarer eyeglasses.

At present, the Wayfarer is still being worn by modern-day celebrities such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

It was originally aimed towards the male market; however, it has a unisex design that also looks great on women.

The basic shape of the original Wayfarer is a horizontal rectangle. It is best suited for these face shapes:

  • Round faces – wide, squarish shapes give a nice contrast to circular faces
  • Oval faces – wide frames can perfectly match the face width
  • Square faces – the width of the frames complement the square faces more than the depth.

Introducing the Ray-Ban Justin

If you are a big fan of the Wayfarer, you’ll surely love its contemporary version called Justin.

While it gives a nod to the original Wayfarer with similar design features, it has enough variations that make it unique on its own.

It has a rubber matte finish that gives it a softer feel and rectangular lenses that are slightly bigger than the original.

The lens comes in two sizes, 54mm width and 51 mm. It comes with metal hinges and has a temple length of 145.

The Ray-Ban Justin has different lenses that go with each frame colour option. It has gradient lenses, G-15s, red-tinted, and mirrored.

With its slightly rounded edges, Justin’s design is suited for most face shapes for both male and female. It also goes well with most skin tones.

It has a sportier and more athletic feel to it, making it more modern. It is also flatter or more vertical than the Original Wayfarer. It still has the distinctive Ray-Ban branding on its temples.

It boasts of both classic and bold colours that go well with different kinds of wardrobes.

Light and comfortable to wear, the Justin sunglasses would be a fresh addition to your OOTD. Whether you’re going out for a casual walk in the park or heading to a business meeting in the city, there’s certainly a Justin for you.

The Justin Models

Justin comes in five models – Classic, Color Mix, Flash Gradient Lenses, Exclusive, and @collection. The @collection has a lens 2 category, while the other four models have a lens 3 category. Every model offers 100% UV protection.

In this section, we’re going to discuss each model in more details to give you an idea of which model best suits your personality and needs.

Justin Classic

First on our list is the simple yet chic model called Justin Classic.

It has glare-free polarized lenses that come perfectly handy during a sunny drive or a day at the beach.

It has different colours including blue classic, grey gradient, green gradient, green classic, silver gradient mirror, and brown gradient.

Its matte frames also have various hues such as black, tortoise, grey, and brown.

One could never go wrong with the classics, and that includes these sunglasses.

Justin Classic

Are you looking for a pop of colour to complement your attire?

Do you want to put on a vibrant accessory to match your outgoing personality?

Or do you just love to be on the colourful side of fashion? The Justin Color Mix is right for you.

True to its name, it has an array of fun colours to choose from. The frame colours include matte black, black, brown, green, and a red wine inspired colour called Bordeaux.

The lens colours are a blue mirror, red mirror, grey mirror, gold mirror, and dark blue classic. The Justin Color Mix surely has a colour for your every fashion mood.

Flash Gradient Lens

For the career woman or the busy bachelor, you might like sticking to the basic and classic colours because flashy tends to be tacky, right?

Think again because the Justin Flash Gradient Lenses is a classy head-turner that is anything but tacky.

Still, with the same rectangular frame that the Wayfarer is known for, the Justin Flash Gradient Lenses come in three colours – brown gradient mirror, grey gradient mirror, and green gradient mirror.

The frames come in brown, grey and blue. You would not be afraid to go bold in this Ray-Ban’s contemporary icon.

Justin Exclusive

If you’re going for a minimalist and classy look, you might want to check out Justin Exclusive.

It is a limited-edition model that is only available online.

Launched as a holiday online exclusive, it has refreshing grey gradient lenses with a transparent frame that goes well with the colour.

It has a versatile look to pair with your favourite jeans, your go-to office casual blazer or your little black dress. You may also opt to match this with a monochromatic outfit. Who says grey can’t be fun?

Justin @collection


Cool tones are always a hit no matter the weather, and the Justin @collection offers exactly that. It has matte blue, blue, and grey frames.

The lenses come in silver gradient mirror, blue gradient, and grey gradient.

The @collection might just be your staple summer sunglasses as it completes your chill resort look on the beach.

Just like the Justin Exclusive, the @collection is also only available online and it comes with a stylish premium package that’s perfect as a gift for your significant other or even just for yourself.

Some of their popular sellers include:

Justin Sunglasses RB4165 622/T3 55 Polarized

Justin Sunglasses RB4165 601/8G 55

Justin Sunglasses RB4165 622/2V 55 Polarized

Justin Sunglasses RB4165 865/T5 55 Polarized

Justin Sunglasses RB4165 622/55 55

Justin Sunglasses RB4165 622/6Q 55

Justin Sunglasses RB4165 622/6G 55

Tips on Wearing Justin with Style

While Ray-Ban Justin and Wayfarer models, in general, come across as casual, it doesn’t mean that you should be restricted wearing it on the beach. These are some style tips, especially if you’re buying your first pair of Justin.
  • Black lenses nicely go with casual wear. If you’re feeling a bit bold, try on a unique frame.
  • Deeper skin tones would complement the black sunglasses while fairer skin tones would look great with different hues.
  • You can wear Justin with formal attire, but keep it relaxed.
  • If you’re going for an office casual look, Justin works well with smart polo shirts. The pair would add a stylish flair to the whole outfit.
  • It also goes well with a casual look, such as biker jackets and crew neck shirts.
  • The Ray-Ban Justin is a beach-friendly accessory.
  • If you find that it suits you well, you might want to grab more than one Justin model. This gives you more options for your different outfits throughout the year.
  • Versatile, Functional, Stylish

    One of the best things about the Ray-Ban Justin is its versatile design with many colours to choose from.

    You can wear it with a formal suit, a smart casual attire, a casual look, or as part of your swimwear fashion. As it offers different styles and variations, there is a model and colour for you to complete your look.

    It is both functional and Instagram-worthy. It’s fun, young, and trendy, but still has a classic design on its own. It surely deserves to be a part of your sunglasses collection and a staple accessory, especially during the summer season.

    While we all know that the main function of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, it wouldn’t hurt to also look stylish wearing them.

    If the eyes are considered the windows to the soul, then consider this statement piece as a stunningly beautiful sneak peek of that.